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Aussie Rescue of MN charges a $300 adoption fee (plus state sales tax) for all available dogs and puppies.

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This page was updated on 8/18/17.

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Millie is one of our sadder stories. She was an emaciated stray covered with ticks. She is a senior and sweet as can be. After over four weeks of care we have her up to 32 pounds. You can feel every vertebrae on her spine. Millie needed to have several mammary tumors removed and had a cyst on her side. Luckily the biopsies showed complete excision and were benign. She also has a club foot that does not bother her. Millie is housebroke and gets along with other dogs but does guard her water dish. When she first came she would only drink from puddles but now knows what a water bowl is for. Millie is looking for a kind family to take care of her as she deserves



Captain is at least 12 years old and looking for a loving home to spend his remaining time in. He is housebroke, sleeps a lot and has a hard time walking too far. He is looking for someone to love him either through adoption or as a foster home.



Carver is a 45 pound, black tri neutered male, who came to Aussie Rescue as a stray at less than a year old. He is now about 8 years old and is looking for a new home due to his owners having their three year old grandson as a regular visitor in their home. Carver is not comfortable with the unpredictable behavior of small children and nipped the grandson when the kid hugged him. He is great with other dogs, friendly, playful, well behaved in the house, very thoroughly housebroken and never been destructive in any way. He does not bark at the door to come in or go out, he simply "knocks" with a light paw, looks to his person, and waits patiently. He has used a bell to signal. He is not very trusting of strangers and it takes him a while to completely accept someone new. He does well if allowed to approach on his terms. He is also anxious about fireworks and gun shots. Carver is still very quick and agile and likes to play Frisbee. He is smart, loyal, polite, beautiful, and beloved. He will make a wonderful companion dog for someone.



Lexi is an owner surrender. She is a senior that is quiet and loves attention. She has some medical issues that ARM is currently treating (UTI, Lymes positive). An easy girl to live with and she seems ok with other dogs.



Mike is an 11 week old, 9.4 pound (birthdate is 5/31/17) male mini aussie who is deaf. He will be learning some sign language in his foster home. He is bold and social and comes with all the normal developmental baggage for a puppy (not housetrained, chews on stuff, jumps on people, bites at hands and feet, screams while in his crate) and will need to attend a puppy class and then obedience classes. Oh and he is really cute.


Adoption Pending


Luke is still looking for his new forever home. He is a one year old Aussie (mix?), fixed and utd with all the shots. He's looking for a where he can finally live with his family. Best would be rural with some property, no city or town dog. he's fine with most dogs once he's met them. He has some anxiety/excitement issues when meeting new dogs but other than that he's a very lovable, great dog. He's eager to learn and needs a person that is willing to work with him. No cats. Not too sure about kids.



Sassy is a five year old mini Aussies that came with her friend Gypsy. She is also about 22# and timid. It would be in the best interest of Sassy and Gypsy if they were adopted together.



Sasha, 4 year old red spayed female aussie mix. Loves people, not a huge fan of other dogs in her face but is living peacefully with 6 other dogs right now. Seems to be a typical adult female aussie personality that just doesn't like other dogs bouncing at her. House trained, crate trained, good with cats and walks fairly well on a leash after initial excitement. Comes when called while off leash, friendly, and easy to live with. An easy going girl who loves attention but can chill out when you are busy.



Pepper is a six month old Aussie that is deaf. She is friendly playful and athletic. She loves other dogs.