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Aussie Rescue of MN charges a $300 adoption fee (plus state sales tax) for all available dogs and puppies.

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This page was updated on 9/16/17.

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Bella is a 5 year old mini Australian Shepherd. She is an owner surrender and they report that she did well with children ages 2, 12, and 20. Bella is very protective of her house and family members. She loves to play frisbee and gets along well with other dogs.



Wendy is 4 years old. She is housebroken, a little timid and shy, but coming quickly out of her shell.



Meet Archie! This big handsome 1-1/2 year old boy is yearning for his forever home. Archie is house trained, crate trained and walks well on a leash! Currently Archie just uses his crate for a napping area as he is trustworthy loose in the house when his foster family is not at home. Archie is affectionate and loves belly and back scratches. He seeks out the company of his people and is a loyal companion but does not do well with cats. Archie is agile and fast and loves to entertain himself playing with toys or with his person.

He will do best with an active adult family (no kids), preferably with aussie or herding breed experience who will keep him busy. Because Archie can be protective of his home, he will need a family who will teach him that sometimes a stranger is a friend he just hasn't met yet! Translations, Archie needs to be properly introduced to new visitors. Hint: Treats help!



Meet Dixie! She's a sweet Australian Shepherd who will be turning 8 on July 4th. She ended up in rescue because her humans moved & not due to any fault of her own. She has been great in the house, a wonderful car traveler, knows a good handful of tricks & has gotten along just fine with the other two canines in her foster home. She can be a little cautious when she first meets someone, but warms up quickly & loves to be petted. Update: Sept 2017. While Dixie's foster home has had no issues with her, she did have some "stranger danger" issues in another home. Like many aussies she can be suspicious of strangers who come to her home and she needs to be introduced correctly.



Carver is a 45 pound, black tri neutered male, who came to Aussie Rescue as a stray at less than a year old. He is now about 8 years old and is looking for a new home due to his owners having their three year old grandson as a regular visitor in their home. Carver is not comfortable with the unpredictable behavior of small children and nipped the grandson when the kid hugged him. He is great with other dogs, friendly, playful, well behaved in the house, very thoroughly housebroken and never been destructive in any way. He does not bark at the door to come in or go out, he simply "knocks" with a light paw, looks to his person, and waits patiently. He has used a bell to signal. He is not very trusting of strangers and it takes him a while to completely accept someone new. He does well if allowed to approach on his terms. He is also anxious about fireworks and gun shots. Carver is still very quick and agile and likes to play Frisbee. He is smart, loyal, polite, beautiful, and beloved. He will make a wonderful companion dog for someone.



Sassy is a five year old mini Aussies that came with her friend Gypsy. She is also about 22# and timid. It would be in the best interest of Sassy and Gypsy if they were adopted together.



Pepper is a six month old deaf Aussie. She is playful happy and loves other dogs. Pepper is very athletic and wants to please.